Ksenia (Xenia) Anikina

Hello, name is Ksenia(Xenia), a lot of people have trouble pronouncing my name, so you can just call me Nia.

‌I have over 11 years experience in the tattoo industry and started in 2013. In fact, these figures don’t tell much, because you can do something for a long time and still not know how to do it, or make a lot of effort and achieve excellent results in a short time.

‌‌As for me, I’m always in the process of learning. As you can see from my portfolio, I’m completely open to new things. I like to learn different styles and combine them with each other. At the moment I work in such styles as realism, graphics, fine line and my own stylization. I also prefer to do medium to large projects.

I take great care to consult with my clients to understand their wants and needs, as well as to provide detailed information about the tattooing process and care. I prefer to do my consultations online via email, so I can always refresh my memory of our dialog and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

‌My goal is not just to create a beautiful tattoo, but to help my clients express themselves and their individuality through a unique design. I strive to make the tattooing process enjoyable and comfortable for each client, so they can enjoy the result of their tattoo for years to come.

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