Dina Litun

Hello! My name is Dina and I am a tattoo artist.
 I have been drawing all my life, from the moment I can remember. As a child, I studied at art school. I started tattooing when I was in art college. 
It quickly became an important part of my life. And I decided that I would take this seriously.
 To date, my experience in tattooing is 12 years. I have been tattooing since 2011. And I continue to be inspired by this and love my work. 
I am most inspired by themes related to plants, animals, birds, insects, crystals, natural phenomena, or even imaginary creatures. I present them in my own style, adding a little magic to them. I believe that the simplest things can become magical if you look at them from an angle. 
Most of my work is multi-colored, with colorful watercolor shimmers and rainbow accents, but I can also create monochrome pieces for you in a beautiful graphic style with closed and neat lines.
You can view more of my work in my portfolio on Instagram and contact me if you think my vision suits you
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