Eugene (Evgenii) Matsapura

My name is Eugene (Evgenii) Matsapura, I am a tattoo artist.

My journey as a tattoo artist started with learning the techniques of a painter. I was trained in painting for eight years, after which I transitioned from painting on canvases to the art of tattooing.

My experience as a tattoo artist spans over 20 years, I started tattooing in 2003. I specialize in realistic style tattoos, portraits, nature images and combining different styles into one design. I am interested in working with black and white and color images with elements of oil painting and watercolor techniques.

I can create a personalized tattoo for you, harmoniously blending it into a certain part of your body.  I also create large projects (such as a sleeve or the back). In my designs, I create a customized universe for you that will reflect your inner world with elements that will suit you.
You can see more of my work in my portfolio on my Instagram page.
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Eugene (Ievgenii) Matsapura Speakeasy Custom Tattoo- Chicago Tattoo Artist Realism Artist

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