Carlos Elian

My name is Carlos Elian. I got interested in tattooing when I was 14 and finally got into it when finished high school at 17. I have been tattooing since 2018.
I started in my home country of Ecuador and then moved to Chicago in 2021 and have been tattooing in Chicago and the Chicago area since then.
I started doing all kinds of styles/techniques and in the last 3 years been super focused on neotraditional style, and lately also a lot of anime stuff, I would say anything that has lines on it I enjoy doing, even though color it’s something I enjoy the most! 
I’m always open to new ideas, I like to work with custom ideas and create unique designs for them, based on size, placement and the subject matter. I try to take as much details as I can to create something and bring it to life. 
I’m always on the look for new things, I try to always learn and evolve as an artist. I am always open to trying new things (tools, machine, inks, etc) as well as techniques to blend color and then see how that affect the healing process which for me it’s the most important part. A fresh tattoo it’s cool but the real time to judge it’s when it’s healed. 
Carlos Elian- Speakeasy Custom Tattoo Chicago Tattoo Artist

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