Sera Alana

Originally from Holton, Michigan, Sera started her tattoo journey in California in 2019. With a B.S. in Digital Illustration, Sera pursued freelance illustration, comic making, and painting after graduation for years before deciding to pursue tattoos. She started her apprenticeship in 2019 in Venice, California and completed her apprenticeship in Sacramento, California. Sera has been working on honing her skills as a tattooer since. To pay homage to her love for anime and manga, Sera has worked countless years developing her melancholy ‘creepy’ kawaii style. Inspired by manga artist and lowbrow artist alike, she wants to continue developing the style. Sera is new to Chicago and beyond stoked to be part of Speakeasy Tattoo. Although she is currently just doing illustrative blackwork, Sera is always wanting to push herself to become a better artist and tattooer. She would be open to exploring new styles, such as florals/faunas, colorwork, and illustrative portraits.

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