Covid-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Work Practice Controls

Licensed Body Art studios already adhere to strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols after each client. Those protocols coupled with our required training in the Prevention of Disease Transmission enables us to be uniquely qualified to enhance our existing protocols to be able to operate in a safe fashion within the stages of re-opening under this current pandemic.


The following are new temporary protocols that we will be implementing, which will enhance our already strict infection control practices, to prevent the transfer of COVID-19

Artists will be monitored and not allowed to work if they are sick or have been exposed to someone with Covid 19


All clients must fill out our online Tattoo Release Form and upload a Valid ID BEFORE arriving at the shop.

ID’s will be verified on arrival.


Clients, artists and staff will wash hands for at lest 20 seconds when arriving at the studio.


Hand sanitizer is available to clients, artists and staff, although we prioritize hand washing.


Clients, staff and artists are required to wear masks. Clients should come wearing their own mask or will be required to purchase one from the shop. Artists will wear a clean mask for each client.


In addition to our current list of medical barriers (pillow cases, drape sheets, gloves etc. We will be adding disposable sleeve covers, disposable aprons and masks to our PPE.


Social Distancing

Each of our stations is laid out so that we have at least 6 feet between artists. While we cannot maintain a 6 feet distance between artist and client during the tattoo process, we believe we can greatly reduce exposure with the extended PPE as stated above.  Please do your best to keep a 6 feet distance while not being tattooed.


We will limit the number of people arriving at the same time and in the waiting area. Currently we are asking that you wait outside of the studio or in your car until your appointment. When you arrive please call the shop 773-645-1703 to confirm that you are waiting.  Showing up excessively early or late puts a strain on the entire system. Please be sure to arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment. We will let you know when it is OK to come in.


Please only bring essential items such as phones, glasses, purses or medically necessary items. We will ask you to put all personal items in a sanitized bin in your artists station during your tattoo session.


Appointment Only

Our studio is already appointment only this portion is very easy for us to achieve.


We will also limit appointments to customers only and no extra guests. No friends, spouses or family members will be allowed to enter the studio.

If you are looking to do a walk-in or same day appointment, please call the shop to talk to an artist who will let you know when we have space to accommodate you.


We have always had a strict cleaning schedule in place. We plan to maintain these procedures and then some. We will be cleaning door handles, light switches, iPads, counter tops and bathrooms as well as any high touch area every 20 minutes or as needed throughout the day.


Artists stations, client chairs, and all studio equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each customer as is currently standard procedure. Everything we use at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo is sterile and/or single use disposable items. This includes chair coverings, bibs, pillow cases and of course gloves.  Our machinery is disinfected thoroughly after each use. Needles are single-use disposable and each surface is either covered with proper bagging material or made of stainless steel which is also thoroughly disinfected with medical grade cleaning supplies after each client.


Each artist is current, and well versed on all Blood Borne Pathogens Certifications & COVID 19 Training. We are trained and highly aware of cross-contamination at every stage of our process. We limit touch points as a part of our regular practices.


No outside food or drink will be allowed except where medically necessary.


Clients, artists and staff will wash hands for at least 20 seconds when leaving the studio


Please reschedule if you are sick, or have had Covid 19 or been exposed to it in the last 14 days. Above all if you feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19 let your artist or the studio know immediately and we will be more than happy to get you a new appointment and connect you to health professionals who can better assist you with treatment.


By not disclosing symptoms of COVID-19 you may be held in violation of U.S. and Illinois law, you may also forfeit your booking fee, and be held liable for any illness acquired by another person during your visit.


Symptoms of COVID-19 infection can include:


Travel ban and mandatory 14-day quarantines are changing regularly. Please check the website (click picture) for the most recent list.  If you have visited or are traveling from any of the following states and have an upcoming appointment, please contact your artist to reschedule ASAP.

Quarantine Guidelines if fully Vaccinated